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NanoTags are made of nickel, in the shape of Octagons, 6-10 microns thin, mostly in sizes 0.3mm, 0.5mm and 1.0mm in diameter. One side of the NanoTags features the micro image of a personalised brand, created to order. This is a hologram like nano image displaying changes of colour under different viewing angles. Technically not a hologram, it is known as an 'optically variable device" or OVD. A real hologram viewed under a microscope is seen as a meaningless grey mass of micro particles, but the images on a NanoTag under a microscope reveals the branding in fine detail and brilliant colours.

The Security Identification Code (SIC) is etched physically through the body of the nickel tag. The same SIC is repeated through the thousands of NanoTags contained in each personalised set of NanoTag products and they are mixed with the special proprietary adhesive. Once dry, the NanoTags are encased in a crystal clear coat, resistant to water, most chemicals and environments. The tags are extremely robust and chemically resistant. They can withstand temperatures of over 1000C without oxidizing and have a melting point of 1453C.

What's yours will forever stay yours!

As the number and value of mobile computing devices such as laptops, tablets and smart phones continue to grow, so does the risk and incidence of device theft. We are all always under the threat of losing our prized possessions. This is why we think countless times before buying something expensive, try hard not to carry it everywhere and still feel threatened. But this is the end of tension for your gadgets and possessions for you! We are introducing a product that will erase all these insecurities from your life and keep your possessions safe and secure for you.

Now, you can protect your devices from theft, and yourself from resulting data loss and identity theft, through our revolutionary and innovative product; NanoTag. This unique device has all the promise of becoming the most-wanted next generation creation.It is simple, easy to use, and permanent after only one application and most of all; it is absolutely affordable!

Add your personal signature to everything you value and prevent it from being stolen!
NanoTag Wand – The magic you need to prevent theft

Nanotag provides the latest in theft prevention technology. Packed with powerful features like invisible tagging, easy use, and proven theft prevention record, this is the ultimate solution to your problems.

NanoTag is designed for anything from licensed and branded products or apparel, to high end goods.Nanotag improves customer satisfaction by providing quick and efficient operation, while also helping you being independent of insurance.

NanoTags are very durable and when applied with our unique adhesives are virtually impossible to remove. This little device carries a wealth of promise and hope for future. Act smart by getting this as soon as possible and earn peace of mind for life!

The Simple yet Effective working of NanoTag

  • NanoTag etches a Security identification code into each product and the owners mark their valuables with and register it in the database
  • Multipurpose and flexible - can be applied on any surface
  • High-security features make NanoTags copy-proof. When marked with NanoTags, your property can be traced, verified and recovered after a theft
  • Law enforcement officials identify owner via security identification code registered in database

The Revolutionary NanoTags

Visibly only the size of grain and almost invisible, NanoTags are very small (usually 0.5mm to 1mm) octagonal tags with a high resolution image such as a company logo and a unique security code.

Automobile Industry benefits, once again!

NanoTag will undoubtedly add to the solutions in the automobile industry. You can now relax and feel secure about your automobile products and save them from the threat of theft. Just apply NanoTag once to your prized automobile possessions and enjoy staying on the road all the time.

  • Proven Theft and Counterfeit Prevention
    Never Forget or Lose Your Stuff Again! This ground-breaking product is exactly what you need to live a secure and stress-free life. Be it laptop, mobile phones, valued accessories or irreplaceable gadgets, you can apply countless invisible "tags" with unique security identification code to almost any item of your choice. You can brand whatever you possess! Individual components of a marked item are traceable and easily authenticated preventing theft and/or counterfeiting.
  • Simple, Permanent Application
    There is nothing complicated or intricate about the application of NanoTag. Applications customized for OEM or aftermarket by spray, brush or roll. Indestructible up to 600º C/1112º F, for use on autos, electronics and metals theft prevention. You can easily use it anytime in accordance to your requirement.

Get rid of the hassle of recording Serial Numbers

With NanoTag, you don't need to worry about recording all those annoying serial numbers on our assets in the home or office! Simply, because now your unique fingerprint becomes the one and only number you need to remember.

  • Absolutely Affordable!
    On top of all the above-mentioned benefits, this device can be owned at a great price. Not only that, thousands of Tags in each applicator is enough to mark and protect dozens of valuable items.
    For more information on the amazing NanoTag, please contact us at…..
    We have the products and expertise uniquely focused on protecting your profitability.

Easy Application of NanoTag

Always shake the Wand before clicking/twisting to ensure the tags are evenly dispersed throughout the adhesive prior to application. You may choose to mark each item numerous times on different parts of the item to prevent detection and ensure invisibility. Only a few clicks of the Wand will produce enough adhesive and tags to mark each item.

The creators of the next-generation creation

NanoTag has been introduced in the market by Raj Yogi Care Solutions Pvt. Ltd., one of the pioneers in products for road safety and Automobile Industry. Nano Tag is one solution in the long series of creative and ground-breaking products for the market. With Nano Tag the company has once again proven its insight in the demands of the market and its vision towards future innovations. The company intends to consult and trade the World's Best Technology and in building the real estate and safety devices & unique liquid engineering making the road journey safe and cost effective. As one of the prominent and most promising companies in the industry, Raj Yogi Care Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,also looks for opportunities to advance smart innovation across the industry.

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