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Punctures can be costly for Long Haul Trucking, Freight and Bus companies. Punctures can be even more dangerous for the drivers. OKO Puncture Free RTG eliminates this costly inconvenience! OKO RTG coats and protects the inside of the tyre tread area, ready to seal punctures instantly.

OKO RTG provides a permanent seal with negligible loss of air pressure. OKO RTG is a speed rated puncture protection treatment that can seal multiple punctures as you drive, thus allowing Truck tyres to remain operational for longer.


  • Engineered especially to cope with weight, speed and heat.
  • Seals holes instantly in the tyre tread area caused by puncturing objects up to 8 mm in diameter
  • Designed to provide a strong permanent seal that lasts the legal life of a tyre.
  • Has a multi- puncture sealing capability.
  • Environmentally safe & contains harmless anti-corrosion ingredients.
  • Protects tyres from punctures, even in severe environments, and at hot and cold temperatures.
  • Suitable for tyres, used by Waste Disposal Refuse Trucks, Skips Lorries, Heavy Trucks, Long Haulage Truck Trains, coaches and Buses.


  • Minimises downtime and eliminates loss of revenue.
  • Eliminates call out charges & puncture repair costs.
  • Gives long term puncture protection.
  • Helps avoid run flat tyre situations and loss of control.
  • Prevents flat tyres and extends useful tyre life.
  • Offers security - Adds safety - Ensure peace of mind.


  • OKO Puncture Free RTG is applied to the tyre via the valve stem.
  • The motion of the revolving tyre causes the product to coat the inner surface of the tyre providing a main body of sealant protective, ready to seal any puncture.
  • When the tyre is punctured, air pressure forces OKO Puncture Free RTG into the hole and the tyre sealant compresses to form a strong permanent airtight seal.
  • The sealing action is virtually instantaneous and minimal air pressure is lost.


OKO Puncture Free is a quality-engineered product that has used European technology derived from technical European research institutions.

Tyres treated with OKO Puncture Free RTG have been tested rigorously in different environments from the cold climatic conditions of Northern Europe to the tough roads and terrain of Africa.

OKO Puncture Free has been tested by independent authorities in several countries. OKO is subject to a continuous cycle of laboratory research, tests and in-house development.


An examination at the Gerotek Test Facility (Pretoria) indicated that the OKO seal can withstand a force 1.62 times stronger than a vulcanized repair and is seven times stronger than a "plug repair'.

The Rubber Consultants (UK) formally known as the M.R.P.R.A, tested OKO Puncture Free and confirmed the OKO permanent seal functions as claimed.

The UK MOD have authenticated the use of OKO at the United Kingdom Proof & Experimental Establishment.

The Official Tyre Sealant reference number awarded by S.E.A.T.O. (product identification number M8OZ Computer Ref.No: 8050-66-103-8877) was designated ONLY in respect of OKO. OKO Puncture Free is referenced by N.A.T.O. - 8030-99-2429020 and is widely used currently in areas of conflict including Iraq and Afghanistan.

Reference was made to OKO RTG by leading South African Independent Magazine, "Fleetwatch" which studied the product. See "FLEETWATCH" www.fleetwatch.co.za/ issues.htm - past Issues June 2004"."

Quick Skips, Skip Hire Trucks (UK). "OKO Puncture Free has been fitted to the whole fleet and has eliminated all our punctures. It has saved us £800 over the first five week period."


No risk and safety labels or warnings are required since this product is not classified as hazardous under current regulations. Normal safety precautions should be taken: wear gloves and protect eyes. Rinse product off any clothes (especially leathers) that it may be spilled upon. Keep away from children. If swallowed, see a doctor.