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Raj Yogi Care Solutions Pvt. Ltd., established and initiated by group of Civil and Industrial Electronics Engineers, intend to consult and trade the World's Best Technology and in building the real estate and safety devices & unique liquid engineering making the road journey safe and cost effective. The Marketing Plans, Policies and Strategy of Raj Yogi Care Solutions Pvt. Ltd. are backed and executed by well-experienced Business Management Professionals.

Further expanding its market – product – service base Raj Yogi Care Solutions pvt. Ltd. also has shook their hands with Meatlite Interantional P.Ltd for OKO Group, UK & South Africa for World renowned "OKO" Tyre Puncture Sealant as Exclusive Retail Key Distributor for all Indian States.

With planned media planning and promo campaign backed by hardcore marketing team, Raj Yogi Care Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has spread the brand and product OKO in India. For smooth functioning, grass root penetration of the product OKO, Raj Yogi Care Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has appointed more than 200 channel partners in format of "OKO Stock Point" at district level and "OKO Installation Station" at City and suburb level. Raj Yogi Care Solutions pvt. Ltd. also has successfully demonstrated OKO in many leading Corporate Business Houses and Indian Government Sector for their State and Urban Transport Services.

Raj Yogi Care Solutions P. Ltd has newly launched CARE-PSK, puncture solution kit and they are taking care of marketing and distributing this product in entire India.

Further Raj Yogi Care Solutions pvt. Ltd. also renders it services by one of the Director as Government approved Maintenance Provider for BSNL, the giant in Telecom Sector.

Today Raj Yogi Care Solutions pvt. Ltd. operates its activities through a strength of 32 professional personnel.

Real time on call help is the moto of Rajyogi Group, and is running with the mission of introduction of many more care taking products in future to provide the Safety first to Valuable customers and channel partners.