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Punctures can be dangerous and costly for drivers and passengers, and nobody likes changing a wheel by the roadside.

OKO Punctures free eliminates the inconvenience of puncture by sealing them the instant they happen. The sealant coats the inside of the tyre and seals holes in the tread area with a negligible loss of pressure.

OKO On-Road Puncture Free is specially formulated and speed-rated for Cars, Light commercial Vehicles (LCVs) and for vehicles that sometimes go off-road, including 4x4s, Caravans and Trailers.

Its long-term formula lasts the legal life of the tyre and seal holes in the tread area with a negligible loss of pressure.

However, OKO always promotes Safety First and advises vehicle users to check their tyres daily. If evidence of an OKO seal is seen on a tyre, it should be inspected immediately by a reputable tyre dealer.

OKO is the original Preventative Tyre Sealant and thanks to a continuous programme of development over 30 years, is still the best.

For pro-active protection of your tyres, OKO is the products that is-

  • Easy to apply
  • Formulated by leading scientists
  • Officially tested in the harshest conditions
  • Formulated in different version for differing vehicle types
  • The one you can trust

OKO is relied upon by fleet managers, agricultural and commercial vehicle operators, and the military, worldwide.

They inject OKO into their tyres to guard against puncture, thus increasing safety and reducing cost.

Added benefits are improved fuel consumption and greater tyre life.

Why? Because OKO prevents many of the cause of reduced tyre pressure, and fuel economy is optimized when tyres are at the correct settings.

A set of tyre that are 10 psi under inflated will have the same effect as increasing the cost of fuel by 3p per litre (based on 1.00 per litre )(Source: Michelin)

And tyre tend to last longer with OKO inside because even if they never have a puncture, they remain at the correct pressure and that also reduces tyre wear. (20% under-inflation lessens tyre life by over 20%).

Too Low a tyre pressure also has negative effects on vehicle handling and braking distance.

How is OKO applied?

You may not know, but the valve stem on your wheel has a valve core section that can be unscrewed. OKO bottles come complete with a valve core remover tool. you need to have a tyre inflator handy.

Having deflated the tyre and unscrewed the core, you can squeeze in the OKO liquid, using the amount listed on the bottle,(this varies by tyre and type, which is embossed on every tyre side) if in doubt, consult www.oko.com for full listing. OKO bottles have marking to help you gauge how much you have used do not exceed the specified dose.

Using air from a tyre inflator, clear any excess OKO sealant from the valve stem by blowing it into the tyre, then screw in the valve core and re-inflate the recommended pressure.

How does it work?

The motion off the revolving tyre causes the product to coat the inner tread surface, providing a sealant protective that is ready to seal any puncture in the tread.

When the tyre is punctured, air pressure forces OKO into the hole and the tyre sealant compresses to from a strong permanent airtight seal.

The action is virtually instantaneous and minimal air pressure is lost.


OKO Puncture Free is a quality- engineered product that uses European technology derived from technical research institutions.

Tyres treated with OKO Puncture Free have been successfully tested in a variety of vehicles in different environments from the Antarctic to the Sahara Desert.

OKO has been tested by independent authorities in many countries. Research, development and testing are carried out on a continuous basis.

Answers to FAQs

  • OKO Puncture Free contains corrosion inhibitors that prevent damage to alloy or steel rims. However, Chrome wheels are very fragile and should not be treated with any tyre sealant. Rims and tyre must be intact before OKO is used.
  • OKO On-Road Puncture Free has been speed-tested and is recommended for use (where laws allow) to 130 kph.
  • It will not cause wheel imbalance so long as a short running-in period is observed (see bottle label )and the tyre is not over-dosed.
  • It is both safe and legal to use OKO Puncture Free in On-Road Off-Road conditions.
  • OKO Puncture Free, the original puncture preventative sealant, should not be confused with the "after Puncture" temporary repair aerosol can products.
  • A Complete OKO Puncture Free range is available.

OFF Road OKO is made in 1.25l bottle and 25L drums for Construction, Agricultural & Grass Cutting vehicles;

A Bicycle OKO is available in a 380 ml bottle;

A full Motorcycle OKO range of bottles is available for mopeds, scooters, motorcycles, enduro, scramblers, Quads & ATV's;

An RTG OKO is made in 20L drums For Heavy Trucks & Buses.


Boat Trailers, Horse Box Trailers, Utility Trailers, Motor Homes & Towed Caravans need 300 ml per tyre approx.

Exact amount for Cars & Light Vans are stated on the Bottle. However, an average family saloon car requires between 250 ml and 400 ml per tyre.


No risk and safety labels or warnings are required since this product is not classified as hazardous under current regulations. Normal safety precautions should be taken: wear gloves and protect eyes. Rinse product off any clothes (especially leathers) that it may be spilled upon. Keep away from children. If swallowed, see a doctor.