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Rajyogi Care Solutions Pvt Ltd is exclusive retail key distributor for All Indian State of OKO-Tyre Sealant Under Metallite International Pvt Ltd. This unique product-OKO Tyre Puncture Sealant is manufactured by M/s. The OKO Group, UK and they are the authorized suppliers of this wonderful product to the UK and UN Armed forces.

Check the general OKO Demo:


  • A punctured tyre is one of the most frequent problems faced by large fleet owning organizations. OKO Puncture Free Tyre Sealant is designed and engineered to meet the needs and wants of diverse user types, having evaluated an extraordinary number of puncture problems experienced by a variety of vehicle users in diverse working environments.
  • Often a puncture causes a chain reaction of events leading to further problems and increased related costs. Whenever a tyre is punctured and allowed to run flat, there is a good chance that the tyre structure will be damaged seriously. With the overall cost of tyre replacement, this can prove to be seriously high cost.
  • Needless to say, a punctured tyre leads to huge repair costs in terms of time needed for repair and in terms of delays.
  • Another two aspects of even bigger concern than the cost and time saving are safety and security.
  • This tyre sealant is a fluid that is injected into the tyre or inner tube and it instantaneously fills any puncture as soon as it occurs.
  • The product has been tested to perform for more than 50,000 Kilometers. The tyre sealant is required only once during the life of the tyre and even the cost of this one application is far less than the cost of a tyre.
  • Moreover, if the savings in terms of time and money is considered, the OKO tyre sealant pays for itself many times over during the serviceable life of the tyre.
  • This product is very useful to all organizations who maintain a substantially large fleet of vehicles.

The current range consists of:

  • OKO Puncture Free Off Road for Off Highway use and vehicles which do not travel in excess of 50 m.ph. or 80 k.p.h. for long periods.
  • OKO Puncture Free RTG On Road (Road Transport Grade) for Trucks, Buses, Vans and other commercial vehicles which travel at speeds of up to 70 m.p.h. or 110 k.p.h. constantly.
  • OKO Puncture Free "High Speed. A New highly developed formulation for use in "High Speed" Road Going vehicles, Motor Cycles and Motor Cars is in the final stages of development.

OKO has been trialed and used by the:

  • In the UK, trials were held at the Transport and Logistic Devlopment unit at Aldershot, and with: TLDT; 63 Airborne sqn RCT;
  • (On exercise in Kenya); AMF (L) exercises in Norway; Mechanical handling at RAF Lyneham;
  • Kuwait Defence Forces,
  • Jordanian Government Armed Forces,
  • Australian Armed Forces, and
  • Several security departments and military of North African countries.

What is OKO?

OKO Puncture Free Tyre sealant eliminates most puncture problems – instantaneously. OKO Puncture Free is a viscous fluid, designed to combat the costly inconvenience of suffering punctures.

OKO Puncture Free Tyre Sealant – How does it Work?

OKO is injected into the tyre, or into the inner tube via the valve stem BEFORE a puncture occurs. OKO remains liquid inside the tyre giving protection against punctures that may occur in the tread area of the tyre. When a puncture happens, air pressure forces OKO into the hole whilst the tyre is moving and OKO immediately forms strong airtight seal that STOPS any tyre deflation.

OKO seals the hole as you drive.

The OKO seal in the tread area of the tyre is Permanent. The OKO seal is much stronger than the traditional vulcanized repair used normally by tyre distributors, and traditional puncture repairers.

OKO Concentrate – Authenticated

OKO acts instantly, effectively sealing holes as they occur over and over again. OKO was designed and engineered by the OKO research team in conjunction with a leading EU Rubber Technology Research Institute.

Authenticated by The MRPRA, (The Rubber Consultants) – refer to web site – www.rubberconsultants.com

OKO has been tested by various armed forces and major vehicle producers. OKO has been tested rigorously on a variety of vehicles in different environments.

OKO Puncture Free has been approved of by JCB service; Massey Ferguson; Manitou; fitted to wheels of disabled vehicles by various EU manufacturer / distributors.

OKO has been used by The British Army; Various S.E.A.T.O. & N.A.T.O. military forces; United Nations Procurement Agencies. OKO is used in areas of conflict – e.g. Iraq & Afghanistan.

OKO Attributes:

  • Proven Product longevity. Does not deteriorate. Long shelf life.
  • Provides a permanent seal.
  • The sealing action is virtually instantaneous. A minimal amount of OKO is used to seal each hole.
  • Under test, it was demonstrated that the strength of was up to 1.62 times stronger than the traditional vulcanized repair.
  • OKO has a MULTI-SEALING capability. During a test with the British Army at Aldershot, it sealed a minimum of 30 holes in one Land Rover tyre.
  • It lengthens the useful working life of a tyre;
  • On Road OKO RTG is designed for Heavy Trucks & Buses over 5 tonnes. It is long lasting, even in Higher speed tyres;;
  • Is tested and effective in Cold Arctic conditions, Hot Saharan desert, and on the Rough Mountainous African terrain;
  • Safe to use; does not damage rubber, tyres, or wheel rims;
  • Unique, among Tyre sealants, OKO contains an environmentally friendly anti-corrosive and rust inhibitor.
  • OFF Road OKO will last the useful life of the Tyre.
  • LCV OKO will last the legal life of the tyre;
  • RTG OKO should last between 100,000 & 140,000 kilometres, depending upon driving conditions;
  • Motorcycle OKO will last the life of the tyre
  • Bicycle OKO will last the life of the tyre.

OKO – The Benefits & Reasons for Using it.

  • Prevents a punctured tyre from deflating to a flat tyre condition;
  • Seals the holes as you drive.
  • Eliminates call out charges and puncture repair costs;
  • Extends the useful life of the tyre;
  • Helps avoid run flat situations and loss of vehicle control;
  • Offers security – Adds safety – Ensures peace of mind;
  • In certain situations, eliminates punctures during Enduro, Motocross & Mountain bike racing competitions. Gives added safety & security aspects to motoring, especially when racing two wheeled vehicles at high speeds.
  • Gives Long term puncture protection.

The OKO Option: Quality – Value – Service

WHY Choose OKO Puncture Free Tyre Sealants?

OKO was the original effective tyre sealant when introduced over 30 years ago. Due to a programme of continuous development and range extension since then, it remains the best.

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, and today there are many Tyre Sealant imitators. Viewing the web sites and literature, many of their statistics, facts and statements stem from the original OKO data and web site.

A major difference is OKO understates, confident that the product will perform as claimed. In performance terms, OKO achieves MORE with less.

The OKO Group has a track record of excellence. This is based upon a library of institutional research tests and tough real-world products trials, gained over the years.

In over 30 years of operation, no one has suffered any loss, damage or injury through the use of OKO Group products. Without doubt the use of OKO Tyre Sealants has given real benefits to society. OKO creates significant savings in TIME, TYRES, FUEL & MONEY. Furthermore, due to unique ON Road technology that copes with punctures at speed, OKO Puncture Free can save lives. OKO Puncture Free combats conditions that create "run flat damage" and therefore loss of control.

  1. Longevity
  2. Product Development
  3. Product Range & Performance
  4. Market Place Acceptance
1. Longevity:

The OKO Group has been selling OKO Tyre Sealant products in the diverse International market place for more than 30 years. The original UK founders still control the OKO business today. OKO was the first effective Tyre sealant and after 30+ years, it remains the technical and market leader.

2. Product Development:

At the outset, the OKO Group established its own R & D function. For many years OKO has worked in technical partnerships with scientific research institutions such as The M.R.P.R.A. – now known as Rubber Consultants. The OKO Group ensures its product range is suitable for use with all pneumatic tyres. OKO products do not cause damage to tyre structures, or metal bracing cords.

Product development continues to be a major area of Corporate investment. OKO Group works closely with other scientific consultants in order to find and use the safest compounds. OKO products are audited by "Chemtox-Trotters" a leading Scandinavian consultancy. Chemtox are Experts in respect of the assessment of chemicals, dangerous goods, and Health & Safety issues. Chemtox are owned by Bureau Veritas, a global organization dealing with certification and social responsibility.

OKO Group continually evaluates the climate-suitability and safety of its ingredients.

Materials are evaluated to ensure they are compatible with the wheel and tyre industry.

Currently, The OKO Group continues to design new products for diverse market sectors.

Most importantly, the OKO R & D team listen to customers who use their vehicles daily. Then, OKO designs and engineers an OKO Sealant that suits exactly each vehicle type. On Road OKO RTG is for Heavy Trucks over 5 tonnes, whereas On Road OKO LCV is for Commercial Vans under 5 tonnes. Each bespoke OKO product best suits the tyres of the vehicle for which it was designed, in terms of longevity, performance, handling, safety, and effectiveness.

3. Current Product Range (see detailed data sheets):

OKO Puncture Free OFF Road Concentrate

OKO Puncture Free On Road RTG (Road Transport grade)

OKO Puncture Free ON Road LCV (Light Commercial vehicles)

OKO Motorcycles grade (Fast Motorcycles & Mopeds & Scooters)

OKO Motorcycle grade (Quads & ATV's)

OKO Puncture Free (Off Road Racing for Motorcross & Enduro)

OKO Puncture Free (An OKO Concentrate For Bikes)

OKO Xtreme (For Downhill racers)

4. Market Place Acceptance:

OKO Puncture Free has been tried, tested and approved by Vehicle Manufacturers, Governments, Militaries, U.N. organizations, Major Companies, Local Councils and Utilities.

OKO has been approved, used and recommended to other countries worldwide by the British Ministry of Defence. (Some sealants claim a N.A.T.O. reference BUT the original references of S.E.A.T.O. and N.A.T.O. were achieved after tests with OKO Puncture Free Tyre Sealant ONLY).

The OKO Group does not sell franchises. The OKO Group itself sells the products to selected world wide distributors, who are establishing continued sales growth in the market place. This is because OKO provides excellent quality, value for money, and service as integral part of its normal commercial terms.

OKO Benefits:.

  • Provides a permanent seal. Seals the hole as you drive. Seals instantly.
  • Helps avoid run flat situations and loss of vehicle control.
  • Eliminates call out charges.
  • Has a Multi-sealing capability. Seals many holes in one tyre.
  • Offers Safety – Adds to Security – Ensures peace of Mind.