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Om Shanti
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Be Rajyogi

How To Do Counseling


This module is designed:
  • To give an In-depth knowledge about how to become a spiritual counsellor.
  • To give an overview of different counseling skills which can be helpful in developing relationship skills and how to deal with others.
  • To experience the benefits of different therapies like REBT, Hypnosis, NLP, Mindfulness and their application in the light of Raj yoga meditation.
  • Comparative study of raj yoga meditation with other cognitive therapies
  • To give a complete kit for managing the emotional and behavioral issues.
  • How Raj yoga meditation and Positive psychology related and their application at cognitive and emotional level.
  • Helpful to know Deeper understanding of meditation commentary and understand the secrete of how to make it more experienced based.
  • To also qualify one and all to be a good self counsellor.
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