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Be Rajyogi

Advance Science Of RajYoga


This module can only be done by those BK students who have completed their basic science of raj yoga module with practical application. The objective behind this module is:
  • It will help you in knowing about the advance state of Raja Yoga Meditation like seed state ( Bijrup avstha) , Jwalamukhi yog
  • To explain the scientific reason of the siddhis gained through Raj yoga Meditation. (As per psychological and scientific basis)
  • To specialize in each of the seven virtues and how to become an embodiment of each virtue.
  • To explain the technique of doing Advance Mansa seva, vriti and Asharari.
  • Deeper level of understanding about karma yoga and how to be karma yogi while performing any action.
  • In this course some of the sample will be selected by core team to assess their cognitive and emotional state after mediation with the help of scientific and psychological tools like advanced EEG, FMRI & physiological recording and psychological scale.
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