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Om Shanti
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Be Rajyogi

Science Of RajYoga


  • The course is based on the avyakt vani. Here, Babas mahavakya have been experimented and the hidden meaning is kept forward in a simplified manner. There is more emphasis on the practical aspect of the Rajyoga meditation.
  • The course will clear our concept related to meditation, and will help you to have a deeper experience of the soul conscious state.
  •  What is the concept of mind and intellect. Also includes the knowledge about the subconscious mind.
  • Techniques to free oneself from suppression and emotional breakdown.
  • How to overcome various difficulties during meditation like sleep, boredom and waste thoughts.
  • How to differentiate whether we are in soul conscious state or body conscious state.
  • How Raj yoga helps in the transformation of our sanskar and the technique behind the same.
  • How to develop and experience deep relation with baba and what is the purpose behind the same.
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