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We, Rajyogi Care Solutions P. Ltd. , are the Authorised dealer for Marketing of Infra Red Pot-hole Repair System developed by M/s. Nu-Phalt, UK under the Transmetalite International Ltd, India who have exclusive manufacturing tie-up in India with M/s. TEXMACO Limited.

Check the nuphalt video demo for MCD, etc'09:


What is Nu-Phalt-Infra red road repairing system:

Nu-Phalt Infrared Road Repair System is the next generation of road repair. Surfacing defects are repaired by recycling the existing macadam using the latest standard in infrared technology to create a seamless and longer-lasting repair.

As the road infrastructure gets older and vehicular traffic increases, more and more pressure is put on road network, specially for upkeep and maintainance.

Advantages of Nu-Phalt road repair system over conventional method of road repair are:

  • Nu-Phalt system does not require any cutting/trimming of the patch repair area into a regular shape, thereby saving on time and cost of repair. Everything that is needed is available on the van itself (including compactor, safety signs, cones, etc) and just 2 persons, i.e. the driver and helper can complete the job of about 5 sq. mtrs. in 30 minutes.
  • Nu-Phalt system does not require to remove the old asphalt material, thereby, saving on unnecessary disposal of old material.
  • Nu-Phalt system does not require the presence of a second vehicle to take away the removed asphalt material or to provide new asphalt material. Therefore, lesser road area is blocked while carrying out the repair work. There is less inconvenience to road users, business and householders.
  • The biggest advantage is substantial improvement in quality of repair work. The Nu-Phalt system allows the surface to be heated to the same temperature at which asphalt leaves the plant. The final outcome is a fully bonded surface between the old and new asphalt with no weak joints. At the same time, this process rejuvenates the old asphalt material.
  • The process is entirely environment friendly-recycles existing asphalt, reduces noise and exhaust emissions.